This is a photo album of Tibbies showing either (or both) their personality and their various colours - white, cream, fawn, silver, gold, red and black (and all variations of these). They often have white markings on the feet.

Tibbie coat colours can be grouped into either sables/whole colours, particolours and black & tans:

  • Sables/whole colours are the most common. The "whole" colors are one colour and sables are one whole colour with varying degrees of traces of black. Shaded sables have many black hairs over the colour, usually around the shoulders.
  • A particolour is a predominantly white dog with patches of another colour.
  • Black & tans are primarily black with tan tips. If this colour also has white markings (these can be on their chest, socks or the tip of their tail) they are called tri-colours.

Roll mouse over photos for the name of each Tibbie.